Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Summer WF 2007 Limited Edition Figure

What is WF? WF is stand for Wonder Festival, The Tokyo Wonder Festival is an annual event to display and sell "garage kits", which are sculptures that usually replicate anime and game characters, but also often recreate popular mecha/sci-fi characters and creatures. More details go here. [from: Wikipedia]

This year the summer WF will held on 12th August. Here are some limited figure will sell only on WF. During WF, all the figure usually can only buy on spot or mail order or online order, but usually wont ship out japan. So hard to get, and also during this event many nice figure, and limited. After the event, maybe can find it in only auction, that time the price might be very high. Any more news on WF i will update on this post.

Item Name : Nendoroid Saber Black Version
From : Fate/stay night
Manufacturer : Good Smile Company
WF 2007 Summer : 1,500 units only
On-line Order : Unknown
Price : 3,000 yen

Item Name : Mai
Manufacturer : Max Factory
WF 2007 Summer : 1,500 units only
On-line Order : 2,000 units only
Price : 7,800 yen
Note: Previously got 1 red colour mai, now release 1 blue colour in WF 2007.

Item Name : Ignis (Red)
From : Jingai Makyo Chaos Gate
Manufacturer : Orchid Seed
WF 2007 Summer : 200 units only
Price : 11,700 yen
Previously have 1 ignis the white, same design, not yet release, coming soon, but now selling 2 diffrent colour ignis in WF, this 2 very nice.

Item Name : Ignis(Black )
From : Jingai Makyo Chaos Gate
Manufacturer : Orchid Seed
Mail order : Hobby Japan mail order exclusive
Price : 11,700 yen

Item name : Nendoroid Haruhi Bunny Set Of 3
From : Suzumiya Haruhi
Manufacturer : Good Smile Company
WF 2007 Summer : 2,000 unit only
Online order : Unknown
Price : Unknown

Beside this, alot of other company also have release WF item. Below is the company with the WF item page. Some of it already release, but it diffrent colour in WF only(consider limited edition).

Hobby Channel
Kaiyodo (note: giving away 5,000 pairs of REVOPLIERS for free on the day on their Booth)

Comiket 72 (another event)
Heisei Democracy


Alfred said...

aiks...dam nice figure they have~...i wanna go WF...zzZ...T_T

ArkxkrA said...

ya, but arrive already dunno have a chance to buy the figure... too many people waiting....