Friday, November 28, 2008

[ERO] Dengeki Hime August 08

Although abit late, this is Dengeki Hime August 08 issue, the cover featuring the character from Little Buster! EX (I don't know her name). The magazine a lot information on eroge, and etc, view it at your own risk, since it is NSFW. Download via here.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

[EROGE CG] Inchiki Reibaishi (インチキ霊媒師)

This september eroge CG (HCG) pack was really really use my time to download, and in the downloading that time, the error damn a lot, but finally finish download, but won't be all posted here. This is the August eroge Inchiki Reibaishi (インチキ霊媒師), I do not know the game and also not interested, not my type, but who like big and beautiful pair of "eyes" might like this game. The CG you can find at below link.


Thursday, November 20, 2008

[ERO] Dengeki Hime July 08

Quite long time did not found any magazine, recently quite hard to search it, at least for me. Need to search wider range I guess. For now, some of this magazine might consider out of date, but if you havent read it, I guess it will be ok. Above was the Dengeki Hime July 08 issue cover, the girl look cute, but I do not know who is she. The magazine itself contain a lot eroge news, review and etc, so it is heavily NFSW, and view it at your own risk. Go to here for the magazine.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

[ERO] PUSH!! September 08

This is the PUSH !! September issue of magazine's cover, featuring Nanaka the new eroge of C.D.C.D. 2 which I posted the CG in previous post. It is a NSFW content, contain eroge news, anime, manga and etc. So view it at your own risk. Download Push!! via here.

Friday, November 14, 2008

[EROGE CG] Koihime Musou ~dokisu otome darake no sangokushi

This is the eroge CG from the Koihime Musou ~dokisu otome darake no sangokushi (恋姫†無双~ドキッ★乙女だらけの三国志演義~) which is last year eroge (if not wrong). Inside a lot of girl, but I'm not sure all the girl also has their own story. The CG found from somewhere else which I also forgotten. Previouly (forget is last season or last last season) there was a all age Koihime Musou anime, now already ended. The girl from this eroge consider not bad, depend on personal flavour. It is a eroge CG pack, mean it is NSFW content, so view it at your own risk. Download it via here.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

[ERO] PUSH!! August 08

This is the PUSH!! magazine August 08 issue, quite a long time did not update magazine here. I found it somewhere else. It is a NSFW content, so has eroge news, anime, manga and etc. So view it at your own risk. Download Push!! here.