Sunday, March 23, 2008

[EROGE CG] Beat Blades Haruka (超昂閃忍ハルカ)

Another nice eroge from Alicesoft, Choukou Sennin Haruka(超昂閃忍ハルカ) or Beat Blades Haruka in english. I like the drawing, the girl all cute and attrative, not sure how this gameplay because i havent play it, but it is quite famous for sure. The game is released on last month. If you want to view the CG you can download at below link. NSFW content, view it at your own risk.

Download(extract together)
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Monday, March 17, 2008

[EROGE CG] Nostradamus ni Kiitemiro♪(ノストラダムスに聞いてみろ♪)

This is the eroge name Nostradamus ni Kiitemiro♪(ノストラダムスに聞いてみろ♪) released on 29th of last month. This eroge style was not bad, I like the drawing, the girl cute. If you want to play the game you can get it in online shop like Amazon Japan. If you want to view the CG, you can go to this link, I not sure it is full CG or what. Friendly reminder - NSFW Content, view it at your own risk.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

[EROGE CG] Watashi ha Watashi No Mama, Dare Nidemo Kawa Reru

Eroge CG from Watashi ha Watashi No Mama, Dare Nidemo Kawa Reru(私は私のまま、誰にでも変わる), the game released on 29th of Feb(last month). The pink hair girl quite cute ^^ too. This game I don't talk much, if you want to view it you can visit below link, the CG pack quite big, if you interested on this game you can find and play the game. Enjoy.

Friendly reminder - NSFW content!

Download(extract 4 part together)

Friday, March 7, 2008

Magazine: Dengeki G's MAR 2008

This is the Mar issue of Dengeki G's, another month that featuring Fortune Arterial(I mean the cover), she is another girl from the game's Fortune Arterial, quite famous now, she is quite cute too ^^. This magazine contain game's news, anime news, reviews on anime/games and so on. And of cos, including some review and QA on Fortune Arterial games. Dengeki G's also have manga to read, like Fortune Arterial manga. This issue come with the figure as well(if im not wrong). If you wish to buy the magazine then you can buy it at Amazon japan. Download via this link(this is just sample).

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

[EROGE CG] To Heart 2 Another Days

This is the new eroge CG which release on 29 Feb 2008. This is the famous eroge expansion(something like fandisc i think >.>"), To Heart 2 Another Days. This is very famous, this game I don't know what it like, never played, some people said this game can play the extra character which not a main character in the To Heart 2, this is eroge, so sure have "H", so view it at your own risk. View all via this link.

Monday, March 3, 2008

[ERO] Push!! APR 2008

This is PUSH!! magazine APR 2008, this is an ero magazine, content are those eroge news, introduction/review on eroge, some ero anime news and etc, so view it at your own risk. If you wish to view it then you can visit below link for more info.

Download(5 part must extract together)