Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tony works- Mitama & Arcana

Here come a artwork which from the Tony Taka or T2, this artworks call "Tony works 御魂~忍(Mitama?) and Arcana", Im not sure what the name also, if you want to view it you can try and download it. I'm sure quite a lot people know him, and T2 alway have some great work. He also famous in doujinshi, his work is just nice, great work. This artwork is from a japanese game, im not sure what is the genre are, maybe consider galgames. And this artwork contain 18sx/NSFW picture so before view/download it must think clearly. View it as your own risk.


Download Here
MediaFire : http://www.mediafire.com/?acltvdihuum

Sendspace: http://www.sendspace.com/file/dokslc
(remember is NSFW content, view it at your own risk)

Dengeki G's Magazine Sep 2007

Another magazine which i found recently, i found it in this blog, it was Dengeki G's Magazine Sep 2007, i know quite old but I only manage to find it now, hope you enjoy it. It is the magazine scan. If you like it you maybe can buy it on amazon japan, yes asia or J-List, maybe still have stock ;). If you want to repost somewhere else, feel free to do that, but please specific where it come from. Thank you.

Dengeki G's Sep 2007 part 1

Dengeki G's Sep 2007 part 2

Monday, October 29, 2007

Megami Magazine OCT 2007 Poster

Another update of Megami Magazine, although the Magazine is release long time ago, but maybe some of you cannot get it. I found it somewhere else on the internet so i share it here. This is the poster which in the Megami Magazine OCT 2007. If you like to buy one, here are the some place that can found this magazine, amazon japan, yes asia or J-List ;).

Megami Magazine OCT 2007 poster part1
Megami Magazine OCT 2007 poster part2