Thursday, July 12, 2007

[Anime] Zero no Tsukaima(Season 2) 1st Episode

Just finish watch the episode 1 of Zero no Tsukaima ~ Futatsuki no Kishi ~. Overall is nice. The quality is still nice. Season 2 is still the same ~ will make you laughed, Louise still very cute if she didn't get angry. The bgm using the same as a 1st season bgm, remind me the 1st season. The opening and ending are nice as well. Recommend to watch if you haven't watch it.

Good to see the relation of Saito and Louise are getting closer (i think), Saito know everything without Louise is meaningless and Louise let Saito sleep on her bed, and no more call him "dog" and no more hit Saito (but this is be4 mid of the story), after mid of the story when Saito wearing the mask(spec, glasses) which Louise give to him, when Saito look at other girl(look at the place not suppose to look), the mask will start blinking, then you know what happen.

(Princess/ Queen Henrietta)

At the end of the episode, this part is easy to make people misunderstood. The Henrietta's body guard get wrong idea as well. But this also mean Louise and Saito relationship are in diffrent level, lol. Great episode. Looking forward to next episode.


Alfred said...

wah~ he sleep on her bed liao~ haha

ArkxkrA said...

ya...but he still bully by her....still the same know Louise is so easily to get angry..

Alfred said...

...tat y this anime so funny~ haha~ tats da sellin point~