Saturday, August 18, 2007

G's Magazine September 2007

Again, i found G's Magazine sep issue on a forum. So i share it here, if you want to repost somewhere else, you are free to do it. It only got 140MB++, and have 2 parts. So if you want to see it, you can go to the link and download. Of cause, if you like it you can buy it at Amazon Japan. Enjoy ~ !

Sep 2007 G's Magazine part 1
Sep 2007 G's Magazine part 2

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Saimoe Tournament 2007 8/12 Group B - B01,B05,B09 My pick

Today is the summer Wonder Festival 2007 event in Japan, actually i wish to go, but .... Okay, now talk about tomorrow match, Group A Round 1 is ended, the 2nd round will held on 9/17. Now is Group B round 1 for B01, B05, B09.

My pick for coming round and group are, B01 - Saginomiya Isumi (Hayate no Gotoku), B05 - Tabitha(Zero no Tsukaima) and Ichihara Yuuko(xxxHOLiC). My guess for the winner for B01 is Isumi, B05 - Konata and B09 - not sure.

Wonder Festival industry

A few final Wonder Festival industry notes before the big event tomorrow, including Akiyama Koubou’s 1/1 scale Ayanami Rei, the surprise appearance of voice actresses from Kodomo no Jikan and Potemayo, and the world’s first ever tote bag made from a gym uniform. Heisei Democracy also said they will bringing coverage of all the Wanfesu action starting tomorrow night!
  • Solid Theater - selling Play Stationary 1 and 2, Al Ajif and Daijuuji Kurou (Demonbane) resin kit, “taisou-bukuro” (gym uniform bag) with Amiko plush
  • Akiyama Koubou - 1/1 scale Ayanami Rei on display
  • Kotobukiya - slightly smaller Rei on display
  • Azoth - E x E character resin kits for sale
  • Aoshima - Funny Knights Rudy “international edition” on sale
  • Cospa - first Resinya figure is Kanon’s Minase Nayuki
  • Toys Planning - SnapP’s customizable trading figures
  • CMs - Kodomo no Jikan and Potemayo voice actors signing goods
  • T’s System - resin kit lineup for the event is now online
    Goodsmile - Kotona and Remi Nendoroids on display

For a complete rundown of the industry presence at Wonder Festival 2007 Summer, check out Midareuchi’s magnificent coverage (Japanese only, alas). As usual he’s compiled the entire list of industry participants on one easily navigable page.

[from: Heisei Democracy]

Wow, the WF is getting nearer and nearer, tomorrow is the day of summer WF 2007, alot of nice figure this year. More update can go to Heisei Democracy.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Saimoe Tournament 2007 8/11 Group A - A04,A08, A12 Result

Here come the last round Round 1 of Group A, Group A04,08 and 12. My pick for this round is A04 - Segawa Izumi(Hayate no Gotoku) and A08 -Hirai Yukari(Shakugan no Shana).

My guess for winner in the round is A04 - Segawa Izumi(Hayate no Gotoku), A08 - Yukino(Nagasarete Airantou) and Minagishi Ayano(Lucky Star). I do hope Hirai Yukari in A08 can win, but chance not high :(.

Match A04,A08,A12
Here come the Group A round 1 last round, result is here, both my vote successfully qualify into the round 2 ^^, i thought Yukari will lose but oh yea, she make it ^^. Yukari starting already leading and stay in the 1st until the end of the round.

Group A
1st - 677 vote - Segawa Izumi - Hayate no Gotoku
2nd - 568 vote - Tsukamoto Tenma - School Rumble Second Term
3rd - 318 vote - Hagiwara Yukiho - iDOLMASTER XENOGLOSSIA

Voting Graph A-04
1st - 614 vote - Hirai Yukari - Shakugan no Shana
2nd - 508 vote - Yukino - Nagasarete Airantou
3rd - 456 vote - Haibara Ai - Meitantei Conan

Voting Graph A-08

1st - 567 vote - Minagishi Ayano - Lucky Star
2nd - 522 vote - Erstin Ho - Mai-Otome Zwei
3rd - 406 vote - Takasu Ayako - Mamoru-kun ni Megami no Syukufuku wo!

Voting Graph A-12

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Saimoe Tournament 2007 8/10 Group A - A03,A07, A11 Result

The main tournament already in the 3rd days, A03, A07 and A11 battle and searching for qualifier, who will qualify in this 3 group? My pick for this round is A11, Sanzenin Nagi from Hayate no Gotoku, still the same, only vote for 1 character only.

I guess for the winner of this 3 group are, A03 - Anya(Negima!?) or Kanaria(Rozen Maiden), A07 - Hanabishi Miki(Hayate no Gotoku) and A11 - Sanzenin Nagi(Hayate no Gotoku). In A03, both Negima!? and Rozen Maiden also have alot of fans, so hard to guess. But my guess alway not accurate, and some more this few group few charcter i really don't not know who are there.


Result is here, all the 1st place in this round of the 3 group has a high vote, and the diffrence between the 1st to 2nd and 3rd is quite big. My only pick for this round Nagi, get the 1st in group A11, and also she is the 1st to break the 1000 vote record, 1108 vote. The A03 and A07 winner is Kanaria and Hanabishi Miki.

Group A
1st - 741 vote - Kanaria - Rozen Maiden Ouverture
2nd - 686 vote - Anya - Negima!?
3rd - 227 vote - Cosete - Le Miserables Shoujo Cosete

Voting Graph A-03


1st - 744 vote - Hanabishi Miki - Hayate no Gotoku
2nd - 514 vote - Satou Sei - Maria-sama ga Miteru OVA
3rd - 257 vote - Akatsutsumi Momoko - Demashita! Power Puff Girls Z

Voting Graph A-07


1st - 1108 vote - Sanzenin Nagi - Hayate no Gotoku
2nd - 394 vote - Eto Mei(Mee) - Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight!
3rd - 216 vote - Amasawa Yuuko(Isako) - Dennou Coil

Voting Graph A-11

More Info
Discusion Thread

Summer WF 2007 garage kit preview part II

Here come another preview for the garage kit. Many nice garage kit during the WF. Many of the garage kit i wish to get it, but i think dont have this chance also. Among of this Garage Kits, the Nanoha, Vita and Reinforce II from Nanoha striker by the 83℃ is very nice, i really love it, wish to get it. 83℃ also have a C.C garage kit from Code Gease, this C.C also not bad. Beside the 83℃, the Saber vs Rider by Twin Head also very nice.

Beside the above 2 group, i have also view some of the T's System garage kits, although it don't have the paint yet, but it seem very nice.

This year alot of great and nice garage kits on summer WF, but I can't get it :(.

The news are from Heisei Democracy, for more info you can go there.

[note: the title with [ERO], please view it at your risks]


  • Hoshii Miki - Idolm@ster 360

  • First Lieutenant Hayase Mitsuki - Muv Luv Alternative
Udon Koubou

  • Tonami Yuma - To Heart 2
Frill Berserker

  • Nayuta - Abara
  • Koakuma Zefiru - original
  • Mizuki - Quilt

  • Jo - Bakuretsu Tenshi
Sankaku Doumei

  • Symphonic Sugar - Mahou Senshi Symphonic Knights
Stranger Workshop

  • Nanjou Misao - Pani Poni Dash
@・H・T Project

  • Alice L. Marvin - Pumpkin Scissors
  • Matsubara Aoi - To Heart
  • Kohaku - Tsukihime
83℃ (blog)

  • Nanoha - Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha
  • C.C. - Code Geass
  • Reinforce Zwei - Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha
  • Yumari - K-Books original
Twin Head

  • Saber vs. Rider - Fate / stay night
  • Aegis - Persona 3
  • Jun and Yuuho - Hayate x Blade
  • Gorigan - Culdcept
Studio Saru Bunshitsu Kasetsusho

  • [ERO] Nobu-chan - original
  • [ERO] Blossom - original

  • Kurogane Otome - Tsuyokiss
Mimi Bom

  • Stefani - original

  • Sumeragi Aika (ver. 5) - Agent Aika
  • Ayanami Rei (race queen ver.) - Evangelion
  • Elina - Queen’s Blade

  • Suzumiya Akane - Kimi ga Nozomu Eien
  • Hayase Mitsuki - Kimi ga Nozomu Eien

  • Akizuki Youjirou - Irohanihoheto
Gankura (blog)

  • Haruhi - Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu
  • Yuki - Suzumia Haruhi no Yuuutsu
  • Kaede - Shuffle!
Tsuruya Plus (blog)

  • a diorama of virtually the entire Rozen Maiden cast (!)


  • [ERO] Kuro x Kuro Tsubasa B - original PVC
T’s System

More Info:
Heisei Democracy

Wonder Festival News - Jet Stream's C.C

Here another update of the Wonder Festival Garages Kits news, its a Jet Stream's C.C garage kits from the anime of Code Gease. This kits is very detail, the paint job, outfit is nicely done, and also this is the 1st C.C kits i think(at least this is the 1st i see). But i think it only available in Wonder Festival. I really hope can buy/get it, I'm fans of C.C >.<". Beside C.C garage kit, another character from Code Gease, Karen, but it not yet have the painting

[Picture from: Heisei Democracy]

More Info:
Jet Stream (C.C, Karen)

Saimoe Tournament 2007 8/09 Group A - A02,A06, A10 Result

Here come Main Round round 2, yesterday round 1 quite nice, starting 1st match got 2 character same vote, tied, which mean both qualify to next round. Now let look at the Round 2 current standing at the time of 14:26:16. My pick for this round only for the group A02 - Wilhelmina ~ de arimasu ~.

Group A
1st - 403 votes - Kallen Stadtfeld (Code Geass Lelouche of the Rebellion)
2nd - 304 votes - Wilhelmina Carmel (Shakugan no Shana)
3rd - 160 votes - Kawakabe Momoka (Touka Gettan)
Graph for A02
1st - 385 votes - Shirley Fenette (Code Geass Lelouche of the Rebellion)
2nd - 298 votes - Yuzuhara Konomi (OVA ToHeart2)
3rd - 154 votes - Kaminagi Ryoko (ZEGAPAIN)
Graph for A06
1st - 300 votes - Tsukidate Chiyo (Strawberry Panic)
2nd - 275 votes - Kurusu Tomari (Kashimashi ~Girl Meets Girl~)
3rd - 125 votes - Rodoreamon (Simoun)
Graph for A10

---Final Result----
My pick, although I know Wilhelmina will lose to Karen, Wilhelmina lose to Karen about 100 votes. Karen in A02, Yuzuhara Konomi in A06 and Kurusu Tomari in A10 won, so 3 of them qualify to round 2.

Group A
1st - 705 votes - Kallen Stadtfeld (Code Geass Lelouche of the Rebellion)
2nd - 605 votes - Wilhelmina Carmel (Shakugan no Shana)
3rd - 320 votes - Kawakabe Momoka (Touka Gettan)

Voting Graph A-02

1st - 693 votes - Yuzuhara Konomi (OVA ToHeart2)
2nd - 582 votes - Shirley Fenette (Code Geass Lelouche of the Rebellion)
3rd - 309 votes - Kaminagi Ryoko (ZEGAPAIN)

Voting Graph A-06

1st - 569 votes - Kurusu Tomari (Kashimashi ~Girl Meets Girl~)
2nd - 526 votes - Tsukidate Chiyo (Strawberry Panic)
3rd - 260 votes - Rodoreamon (Simoun)

Voting Graph A-10

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Saimoe Tournament 2007 8/08 Group A - A01,A05, A09 Result

Today is the first match of the main tournament of the Japan Saimoe Tournament 2007, Group A Round 1 - A01,A05 and A09 battle. The result finally up, my pick Shana successfully qualify to next round but Evangeline same vote as Shana, which mean tied, both will go next round together. Hope Round 2 Shana can win. The first place will proceed to 2nd round.

1st - 754 votes - Shana (Shakugan no Shana Series)
1st - 754 votes - Evangeline A.K. McDowell (Negima!?)
3rd - 179 votes - Minazuki Karen(Cure Aqua) (Yes! PreCure5)
4th - 174 votes - Yuzuha (Utawarerumono)

Voting Graph A-01

1st - 586 votes - Lisianthus(Sia) (SHUFFLE! MEMORIES)
2nd - 427 votes - Jasmine (Deltra Quest)
3rd - 367 votes - Tomohane (Inukami!)

Voting Graph A-05

1st - 776 votes - Kashiwaba Tomoe (Rozen Maiden Ouverture)
2nd - 572 votes - Kagura (Gintama)
3rd - 242 votes - Sakurada Nori (Rozen Maiden Ouverture)

Voting Graph A-09

More Info
Official Site

Discusion Thread

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Saimoe Tournament 2007 Main Tournament Match Table

Hard to choose for this coming round >.<. Some group are really group of death, good luck to them. A-1 and A-8 hard for me to decide, but finally pick my picks. You can check the match table from the image that i upload. I only manage to finish 2 match table today, other match table i will upload it tomorrow, now currently headache(because rushing assignment). This Main battle onward will fighting for several month till the end.

Finally finish upload all the match table (>.<"), very tired. Among all of this character, the most favourite character of mine(Top to lower) are Fate, Nanoha, Shana, Minase Nayuki, Reinforce II and other of my picks.

Group A (My picks):

A-01 (8/08):
Shana - Shakugan no Shana Series
A-02 (8/09):
Wilhelmina Carmel - Shakugan no Shana SP "Koi to Onsen no Kougai Gakusyuu!"
A-08 (8/11):
Hirai Yukari - Shakugan no Shana
A-11 (8/10):
Sanzenin Nagi - Hayate no Gotoku

For this group A, i finaly will only support either Shana or Nagi(both same Seiyu). But i hope Shana will win and become Winner of this round.

Group A (Match Table)

Group B (My picks):

B-01 (8/12):
Saginomiya Isumi - Hayate no Gotoku
B-03 (8/14):
Siesta - Zero no Tsukaima
B-04 (8/15):
Minase Nayuki - Kanon
B-05 (8/12):
Tabitha - Zero no Tsukaima
B-07 (8/14):
Konoe Konoka - Negima!?
B-09 (8/12):
Ichihara Yuuko - xxxHOLiC
B-10 (8/13):
C.C. - Code Geass Lelouche of the Rebellion

For group B, i wish either Nayuki or Isumi or C.C or Konoe Konoka or Tabitha become winner (>.<"). But i think C.C has highest chance to become winner for this group.

Group B (Match Table)

Group C (My picks):
Subaru Nakajima - Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS

Vivio - Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS
Takamachi Nanoha - Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS
Caro Ru Lushe - Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS
Morimiya Aono - Sola
Shihou Matsuri - Sola

Group C is very hard for me to pick, especially in C-06. In group C alot of Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS character. I also want to support more for Aono or Matsuri but Nanoha in this group, i will vote Nanoha all the way till end in this group. My guess for the winner of this group is Takamachi Nanoha.
Group C (Match Table)

Group D (My picks):
Carim Gracia - Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS
Minase Akiko - Kanon
Yagami Hayate - Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS
Misaka Kaori - Kanon
Misaka Shiori - Kanon
Enma Ai - Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori
Asai Mugi - Hitohira

Maria - Hayate no Gotoku

This group i very greedy, wish Hayate or Enma Ai or Maria become the winner of the group >.<, really hard to pick. I think Maria is higher chance to win in this group.
Group D (Match Table)

Group E (My picks):
Shinku - Rozen Maiden Ouverture

Miyazaki Nodoka - Negima!?
Ginga Nakajima - Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS
Alisa Bannings - Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS
Sakurazaki Setsuna - Negima!?
Nunnally Lamperouge - Code Geass Lelouche of the Rebellion

This Group winner hard for me to guess, not sure who will become winner, if for me to choose, i wish Shinku win for this group.

Group E (Match Table)

Group F (My picks):
Aruruu - Utawarerumono
Suiseiseki - Rozen Maiden Ouverture
Konno Makoto - Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo
Seto San - Seto no Hanayome
Before the winner, i think Seto San VS Suiseiseki. But my guess of the winner is Suiseiseki(last year champion) for this group.
Group F (Match Table)

Group G (My picks):
Reinforce II - Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS
Sakai Chigusa - Shakugan no Shana
Eruruu - Utawarerumono
Kurata Sayuri - Kanon
Ishizuki Mana - Sola
Corticar te Apa Lagranges - Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica.

For this group also very hard for me to pick, especially G-10, 3 of them hard for me to decide, but then finally i choose Corti. But for this group i will vote Reinforce II until the end of this group, if she successful become the winner of the Group G. This group winner my guess was Reinforce II.
Group G (Match Table)

Group H (My picks):
Suigintou - Rozen Maiden Ouverture
Fate T. Harlaown - Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS
Lutecia - Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS
Shamal - Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS
Reinforce(The Will of the book of darkness) - Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS
Kawasumi Mai - Kanon
Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière - Zero no Tsukaima

Group H is consider a group of death, too many strong character in the same group and also most of them are my favaourite character(my pick), but hard to guess who will become winner, who ever no chance become winner also will feel sad :(.

For Round 2 i can confirm Suigintou VS Fate, i really wish Fate win although Suigintou also my favourite.

The H04 VS H05 VS H06, i think Lutecia VS Shamal VS Reinforce, im not sure who will become winner, but for me, i think Lutecia will have highest chance.

The H07 ~ H09, winner either Mai or Louise. Im not sure want to support who also, still thinking.
Group H (Match Table)

More info:
Official Site
AnimeSuki Forums

Discusion Thread:
Animesuki Forums
pkblog (最萌角色大賽2007 中文網)

Summer WF 2007 garage kit preview

Here are some company garage kit preview, i didnt post the image out, just visit the link. The information i saw it is on Heisei Democracy, you can visit there for more info.

[note: the title with [ERO] view at ur own risk.]

Blond Parrot

  • [ERO] Djibril, Hikari - Makai Tenshi Djibril 2
  • Shana (bikini ver.) - Shakugan no Shana

Bubba & Saikoro Caramel

  • Yurie (summer ver.) - Kamichu!


  • Kokyou (?) - Sangokushi Taisen 2

Cerberus Project

  • Komaki Manaka - To Heart 2
  • Kusugawa Sasara - To Heart 2
  • Ignis - Jingai Makyou
  • Ikaruka Satsuki - Seinarukana
  • Ciel - Melty Blood -Re.Act-
  • Kuonji Shinra - Kimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga Ore de
  • Benisu - Kimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga Ore de
  • Kuonji Miyu - Kimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga Ore de
  • Uesugi Mihato - Kimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga Ore de
  • Crueltia - Trigger Heart
  • Plenair-san - Haradaya original


  • Athena (bikini ver.) - King of Fighters
  • Shiranui Mai (ver. 2) - King of Fighters


  • Sonozaki Shion (Angel Mort uniform ver.) - Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

Yoiko Q

  • C.C. - Code Geass

Megatech Body

  • Karen Stadtfeld - Code Geass


  • [ERO] Hanamaru Ringo - Ane to Boin
  • [ERO] Seyadatara type 3 - Daiakuji (exhibit only)

Usa-P House

  • Rin Tousaka - Fate / stay night
  • Dark Saber - Fate / hollow ataraxia
  • Belldandy bunny girl (ver. 2) - Ah! My Goddess
  • Fate Testarossa - Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha
  • Feena Fam Earthlight - Yoake Mae Yori Ruri-iro na

Cherry Blossom

  • Shinku - Rozen Maiden
  • Hina Ichigo & Tomoe - Rozen Maide


  • Touka - Utawarerumono


  • Mao - Zero no Mono Sensei
  • Kazami Mizuho - Onegai Teacher
  • Kudou Tamae - Gibo no Toiki
  • Asakura Reiko - Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu


  • Lunaria - Gekkou no Carnivale

Maruya Koubou

  • Original


  • a lot of cho-[ERO] kits based on eroge, as usual


  • Medic - Sekai no Meikyuu


  • this (some look like reissue, i think)


  • Mao - Tsukasa Jun original
  • Benkei - Air Gear

Koutetsu Hanten

  • Yuumiru - Queen’s Blade

Yume no Kagutsuchino Koukoku

  • Original

Mizugi Tengoku


  • Neko no Hito (sleeping) - original
  • Medic - Sekai no Meikyuu
  • Plenair - Haradaya

Never Land

  • Meg (Infinity ver.) - Bakuretsu Tenshi

Ore no Fiirudo

  • Uesugi Kenshin - Sengoku Rance
  • Archer - Fate
  • D.C. II - Yukimura Anzu

Geru Sekai Seifukudou

  • Misaki Shizuno - Zegapain
  • Nagato Yuki - Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu

Ryun-Ryun Tei

  • Shirley (swimsuit ver.) - Code Geass
  • Mahou Ningyou Ayaka - Mahou Ningyou Ayaka

Night Blue

  • Ka・Ren - original


  • Hoshina Tomoko - To Heart


  • Katou Sayaka - original Mibu Natsuki design
  • Asuka - Evangelion

Solid Swing

  • deep blue school uniform girl - original Mibu Natsuki design

Irving Lab

  • Kyouran Kyouka (magical girl ver.) - Kyouran Kazoku Nikki

Ame no Hi Hare no Hi

  • Fuura Kafuka - Sayonara Zetsoubou Sensei

Mojo Working

  • Reko-hime - Mushihime-sama

Dream Crown

  • Rider - Fate / stay night

Yakusai Hanten

  • Kaminagi Ryouko - Zegapain

Takenoko Factory

  • Sakino Asuka - Kimikiss


  • Tetsuwan Birdy (ver. 2) - Birdy the Mighty

More detail on other update for company who have join/attend the WF go here.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Saimoe Tournament 2007 2nd Preliminary Group 09 Result update

Oh, yeah, here come the last group of 2nd preliminary round, my picks for this round is Segawa Izumi from Hayate no Gotoku. Finally come to and end, rest 2 day then will start the 1st round 1st part.

2nd Prelims: Group 09
Winner(Top 16):
1. Segawa Izumi(Hayate the Combat Butler) - 316 votes
2. Athena Glory(ARIA The NATURAL) - 253 votes
3. Amano Mishio(Kanon) - 252 votes
4.Mikado Mariya(Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru) - 242 votes
5. Montm orency(Zero no Tsukaima) - 209 votes
6. Hiiragi Matsuri(Lucky Star) - 201 votes
7. Aaeru(Simoun) - 194 votes
8. Ichihara Yuuko(xxxHOLiC) - 176 votes
8. Kaminagi Ryoko(ZEGAPAIN) - 176 votes
8. Konohana Hikari(Strawberry Panic) - 176 votes
11. Darry(Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann) - 174 votes
12. Mamiina(Simoun) - 173 votes
13. Konno Makoto(Toki wo Kakeru Syoujo) - 172 votes
14. Solty Revant(SoltyRei) - 170 votes
15. Taniyama Mai(Ghost Hunt) - 167 votes
16. Hanayamada Yurika(Yuri-pyon)(Chocotto Sister) - 166 votes
16. Kikuchi Makoto(iDOLMASTER XENOGLOSSIA) - 166 votes

Voting-Graph of Top 16:

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Clannad 3 nice figure by Kotobukiya(reissue)

Clannad is is a Japanese visual novel created by Key(same company as AIR and Kanon), the story of AIR and Kanon is awesome, i think Clannad won't make me disappointed. I never play this game before, but the Clannad Movie will coming soon in japan and its anime series will be produced by Kyoto Animation, but don't know when will the anime release. Im looking forward to this anime and the Movie. More info.

The figure itself is nicely done, the emotion, the outfit and the price is ok also. But the main problem for me is it release in october, october and november too much nice figure releasing, i think december also is same, need to analysis which 1 have to buy(which to buy them all).

Item Name : Furukawa Nagisa reproduction
Original : Clannad
Manufacturer : Kotobukiya
Producer : Hiroyuki Tsumezuka
Material : PVC
Scale : non (Height approx : 180 mm)
Price : 4,200 yen
Release Date : October 2007

Item Name : Sakagami Tomoyo reproduction
Original : Clannad
Manufacturer : Kotobukiya
Producer : Hiroyuki Tsumezuka
Material : PVC
Scale : non (Height approx : 195 mm)
Price : 4,200 yen
Release Date : October 2007

Item Name : Fujibayashi Kyo reproduction
Original : Clannad
Manufacturer : Kotobukiya
Producer : Hiroyuki Tsumezuka
Material : PVC
Scale : non (Height approx : 110 mm)
Price : 4,200 yen
Release Date : October 2007

More info:
Kotobukiya (Official)
Hobby Search(Nagisa, Tomoyo, Kyo)

Saimoe Tournament 2007 2nd Preliminary Group 08 Result update

Here come 2nd qualification last 2nd round, group 8 battle. Tomorrow will be the final match for 2nd qualification, then will rest 2day, after rest will proceed to First round, the first part battle(main part). My picks for group 08 are Sakura(Tsubasa Chronicle Series), Sakai Chigusa(Shakugan no Shana) and Shiina Ayame(Tokimeki Memorial Only Love). Hope my picks will appear in top 16 in tonite final result.

Result finally up, 2 of my picks miss it, but nvm, let look at the result.

2nd Prelims: Group 08
Winner(Top 16):
1. Kobayakawa Yutaka(Lucky Star) - 376 votes
2. Ichijou Eika(Sky Girls) - 261 votes
3. Sakuragi Matsuri(Ichigo Mashimaro) - 211 votes
4. Cornelia Li Britannia(Code Geass Lelouche of the Rebellion) - 195 votes
5. Sakai Chigusa(Shakugan no Shana) - 190 votes
6. Kusugawa Sasara(OVA ToHeart2) - 188 votes
7. Minase Iori(iDOLMASTER XENOGLOSSIA) - 187 votes
8. Tokiha Mai(Mai-Otome Zwei) - 178 votes
8. Sawatari Makoto(The Genuine/Sawatari-san's Makoto-onee-san)(Kanon) - 178 votes
10. Setsuna(Kyoushirou to Towa no Sora) - 177 votes
11. Takano Miyo(Higurashi no Naku Koro ni) - 172 votes
12. Isokawa Nina(Tona Gura!) - 171 votes
13. Asagiri Koyuki@Kujibiki Unbalance) - 170 votes
14. Erstin Ho(Mai-Otome Zwei) - 169 votes
15. Suou Mikoto(School Rumble Second Term) - 168 votes
16. Nakjima Sanae(Sumomomomomomo) - 166 votes

Voting-Graph of Top 16:

More info:

Max Factory Fate/Zero Saber Figure

Wow, here come a Saber figure from Fate/zero, Fate/Zero is a story before 10 years of fate/stay night. It look damn cool, i think i will buy it because im a Saber fan :P, unless during that time not enough money if not probably will buy it.

Item Name : Saber/Zero
Original : Fate/Zero
Manufacturer : Max Factory
Producer : Masanori Kuroda
Material : PVC
Scale : 1/8 (Height approx : 200mm)
Price : 5,000 yen
Release Date : November 2007

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Saimoe Tournament 2007 2nd Preliminary Group 07 Result update

Here come group 7 update, i dont have any pick in this round.

2nd Prelims: Group 07
Winner(Top 16):
1. Amamiya Manami(Manabi)(Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight!) - 281 votes
2. Shimazu Yoshino(Maria-sama ga Miteru OVA) - 230 votes
3. Aisaka Sayo(Negima!?) - 222 votes
4. Neko Musume(Gegege no Kitarou) - 220 votes
5. Okuwaka Tsubomi(Strawberry Panic) - 217 votes
5. Odori Momoha(Momo)(Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight!) - 217 votes
7. Shirayuki-hime(Otogi Jushi Akazukin) - 202 votes
8. Kamura Reiri(Kaibutsu Oujo) - 201 votes
8. Sakuya(Utawarerumono) - 201 votes
10. Hiiragi Anri(Happiness!) - 197 votes
11. Jasmine(Deltra Quest) - 183 votes
12. Uma(Renkin Sankyuu Magical? Poka~n) - 182 votes
13. Angol Moa(Keroro Gunsou series) - 179 votes
14. Kohinata Sumomo(Happiness!) - 176 votes
15. Nina Wang(Mai-Otome Zwei) - 171 votes
15. Juliet Nao Zhang(Mai-Otome Zwei) - 171 votes

Voting-Graph of Top 16:

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Saimoe Tournament 2007 2nd Preliminary Group 06 Result update

For 2nd Preliminary group 06, my pick will go for Enma Ai from Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori only, i vote for her in the 1st preliminary, now vote for her again ^^. So happy to see Ai in the 1st place in this group.

2nd Prelims: Group 06
Winner(Top 16):
1. Enma Ai(Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori) - 346 votes
2. Fukuzawa Yumi(Maria-sama ga Miteru OVA) - 245 votes
3. Hiiragi Miki(Lucky Star) - 222 votes
4. Sasaki Makie(Negima!?) - 216 votes
5. Kamisaka Haruhi(Happiness!) - 211 votes
5. Nijou Noriko(Maria-sama ga Miteru OVA) - 211 votes
7. Momoe Maria(Momokan)@Ookiku Furikabutte) - 209 votes
8. Lione(Fushigi Boshi no Futago Hime Gyu!) - 209 votes
9. Tsukidate Chiyo(Strawberry Panic) - 208 votes
10. Shigure Asa(SHUFFLE! MEMORIES) - 205 votes
11. Gratel(Hansel)(BLACK LAGOON The Second Barrage) - 204
12. Clare(CLAYMORE) - 199 votes
13. Komaki Ikuno(OVA ToHeart2) - 198 votes
14. Cecile Croomy(Code Geass Lelouche of the Rebellion) - 196 votes
14. Katsura Yukiji(Hayate the Combat Butler) - 196 votes
14. Matsudaira Touko(Maria-sama ga Miteru OVA) - 196 votes

Voting-Graph of Top 16:

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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Saimoe Tournament 2007 2nd Preliminary Group 05 Result update

2nd Preliminary Group 05 i have choose Kannagi Ayano from Kaze no Stigma and Kureha from Shining Tears X Wind. But only 1 of them - Ayano manage to stay in top 16.

2nd Prelims: Group 05
Winner(Top 16):
1. Maki(Seto no Hanayome) - 274 votes
2. Futami Ami(iDOLMASTER XENOGLOSSIA) - 234 votes
3. Sakurada Nori(Rozen Maiden Ouverture) - 229 votes
4. Amane Misa(DEATH NOTE) - 218 votes
5. Tsukishima Kirari(Kirarin Revolution) - 207 votes
6. Kannagi Ayano(Kaze no Stigma) - 203 votes
7. Natsuki Kruger(Mai-Otome Zwei) - 201 votes
8. Margery Daw(Shakugan no Shana Series) - 198 votes
9. Amasawa Yuuko(Isako)(Dennou Coil) - 196 votes
10. Sha rio Finieno(Shari)(Mahou Syoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS) - 195 votes
10. Noda Megumi(Nodame Cantabile) - 195 votes
12. Hanabishi Miki(Hayate the Combat Butler) - 192 votes
13. Kawakabe Momoka(Touka Gettan) - 191 votes
14. Tomohane(Inukami!) - 188 votes
15. Nogami Syoko(Asatte no Houkou) - 186 votes
16. Akatsutsumi Momoko(Hyper Blossom)(Demashita! Power Puff Girls Z) - 185 votes

Voting-Graph of Top 16:

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