Friday, July 13, 2007

Bon Odori Festival (Updated)

What is Bon odori? Bon Odori is an event held during Obon. It is celebrated as a reminder of the gratefulness one should feel toward one's ancestors. Its a festival, i dont talk much on it, if you want to know more can go to the link :).

Tomorow, there will be a Bon odori event held in Shan Alam, Malaysia, im going as well. To enjoy the art and dance of Bon Odori. After that i will post some picture here.

Just come back from Bon Odori, i very tired now, the atmosphere there is just nice, the people there is many, is "many", few hundred people dance together ! No regret for going !!! I stop here 1st because I very tire, tomorow will update some picture of the event.

Here some of the picture i took that day, some technical problem so late abit. Due to some technical issue, the picture i took not very nice, i will go improve my skill in near future >.<. During the day, it totally have 3 round of Culture dance. The Dance really really nice ^^. Although has pass 2 days, but now i still feel awesome, next year sure going again.

17:00 Gates Open
19:00 Opening - Drum Performace
19:15 Enjoy the Cultural Dance Part 1
19:40 Dance by Guest Performers
20:05 Enjoy the Cultural Dance Part 2
20:35 Dance by Guest Performers
21:00 Enjoy the Cultural Dance Part 3
21:30 Clossing Address

> Dance by Guest Performers <. This 1 because too many people surrouded, cant even take the photo, but luckily two of my friend push me up and let me take the photo ^^, that why not very clear, but the dance is just nice! This part should be use my camera to record down instead of taking photo, but my camera low in battery... no choice.

> This is the culture dance part 2, few hundred people gather mid and dance(not only gather mid), selling food and drink there also got alot people, 2nd round we all didnt dance, my friend and I has dance awhile during the culture dance part 1 because that time we at the mid so follow all the people start to dance and enjoy the dance ^^.


Alfred said...

Indeed very nice man~ nice dance nice music~ many people~ really people moutain people sea~ it was fun~

ArkxkrA said...

yup, i totally agree with you, next year must go again!