Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Magazine: Dengeki G's May 08

This is the cover of May 08 Dengeki G's magazine, cover is the main character from Little Buster!, Little Buster! EX version i going to released(I forget May or July, hopefully didnt wrong). The magazine itself have games news/reviews/advertising, anime related news and manga to read(like Little Buster!, Fortune Arterial and etc). If you want to view it, you can go to here or here(part1, part2).

[ERO] Push!! May 2008

May issue of PUSH!! magazine, inside have eroge related news, review and advertising . And also have some anime news. Because it contain NSFW content so please view it at your own risk. You can download sendspace or mediafire.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Magazine: Dengeki G's Apr 2008

Another month of issue of Dengeki G's Magazine, the cover character is from the eroge Fortune Arterial, past few issue of this magazine also featuring Forture Arterial character, I think this is the last. The magazine contain anime news, game news, manga and review. If you want to buy the magazine can go to Amazon or Himeya Shop. If you want to preview it you can go to this link(if the link not working please leave a comment here).

Thursday, April 3, 2008

[EROGE CG] Aneimo2 H's Motto H Ni Suteppu UP!(あねいも2 H's もっとHにステップUP!)

CG from the eroge Aneimo2 H's Motto H Ni Suteppu UP!(あねいも2 H's もっとHにステップUP!), can't talk about the game since i never played it, dunno the story itself nice or not. The CG quite ok, if you want to view it then you can go to this link (NSFW content).

[EROGE CG] Anetea!(あねてぃ!)

CG from the eroge Anetea!(あねてぃ!) which released on 21st of last month. Don't know about this game, hopefully the game is nice. The CG consider not bad, if you want to view it you can find it at below link.