Saturday, July 7, 2007

[Figure/Hobby] Fine Scenery Noir et Blanc - Diana (ディアナ) and Morte (モルテ)

This Fine Scenery Noir et Blanc Figure, Diana and Morte both look very nice. It release on last week - 27 June 2007. The paint jobs (face, mouth, skin tone), the pose, the sculpts are perfectly done. Beside this, the packaging is fantastic! And both of it look very sexy. And also it can be striped(Both Diana and Morte's cloth also can take off). The 1st batch come with a manga as well.

My friend just get it today, the "real" thing is really nice, I cant think of any word to describe it. It's nice and very detail. And the package look like a cookie box, but the package is nice design. The price is worth for it.

Scale: 1/7
Type: PVC
Producer: Toranoana
Retail Price: 7140 yen/each
Availability: 27 June 2007

Noir et Blanc - Diana(ディアナ)

Noir et Blanc - Morte(モルテ)

Here are some example of the manga (pictures are from xl forum).

For more info and picture can visit this site:- - view at your own risks)


Alfred said...

Hahaha. The packaging...realy fantastic. And indeed it looks like butter-cookie box~ xD

No regrets bought this pair of sexy baby~ All the things from outside to inside is just nicely done~ good work~ masterpiece~ ;)

Nvr thought that ur 1st post is abt Noir Et Blanc~ Good job introducing this figure~

arkxkra said...

haha...thx for the comment.
Ya, i agree, this pair of sexy baby is a masterpiece