Wednesday, July 18, 2007

[Figure] KOS-MOS Ver.4

Here come a Xenosaga III Kos-Mos Ver.4, the pose and detail very nice! Planning to get this one. Alot of nice figure coming out, dunno how to get this one also, wallet can't support already.

Name : KOS-MOS VER.4
Original : Xenosaga III
Manufacturer : Alter
Producer : Toshiyuki Yagyu
Scale : 1/8 (Height approx : 210mm)
Price : 7,140 yen
Release Date : November 2007

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Prasad said...

This figure is now avaiable for pre-order Yen Price: 6,460 (by August) after august regular price of 6,800 yen at HLJ