Sunday, October 26, 2008


This is the eroge CG from the eroge call C.D.C.D. 2 from the company Circus, I think this is a fan disc of D.C. I and D.C. II, forget when it released already, because it inside my PC few month already. The character inside include Nemu Asakura & Jun'ichi Asakura from D.C. I, then Yoshiyuki Sakurai, Nanaka Shirakawa, Koko Tsukishima, Otome Asakura and Yume Asakura from D.C. II. I'm not sure this CG pack full or not and not sure how the game work, just share the CG I found :). Download the CG via here.

Before I forget, those old file many of them already expired, but some still working. And the original file already gone from my PC due to some reason, but if the file expired can leave a comment, if the file still exist inside my PC then I will reupload again.

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