Friday, February 15, 2008

[Ero] TECH GIAN magazine FEB 2008

Another ero magazine - TECH GIAN FEB 2008 issue, recently I only manage to find it, it release quite sometime ago(I forget when already). This magazine is similar to PUSH!!, it a lot of NSFW content, eroge news and etc. You can buy it at Amazon Japan if you like it. If you want to view only then visit to below link.

Download (Download Part 1 & 2 then extract together)



KeybladeMaster said...

Could you re-upload it? part 2 expired

I wanna check the magazine if there is anything of TG Tenshi Jaiko... Hikaru and her pet appear on the upper side of the cover.

ArkxkrA said...

sry for late replay.

The original file is not inside my hardisk any more, so cannot reupload >.<".