Sunday, January 6, 2008

[Eroge][C73 Doujinshi][T2 ART WORKS] Kiteruyo! Takeutikun

This is one of the T2 Art works(Tony Taka) which release on C73, it is a doujinshi. This doujinshi name Kiteruyo! Takeutikun or きてるよ! 竹内くんっ (バンブーブレード), Im not sure the romanji are correct or not. Inside is eroge content, the cover girl is Tama-chan from Bamboo Blade. Maybe doujinshi some of you already have since you can find it at most of the torrent site because C73 just ended 1 week ago, a lot of source out there. You can also download via this link. Enjoy~.

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