Saturday, January 19, 2008

[Eroge Game CG] _summer New Version

This is the CG from the eroge game call _summer (_summer 新装版), NSFW content, view it at your own risk. It is a new version which released on the 21st Dec 2007, this game is quite old already, but since it is new version so i post it up, the new version of the game is supported in Window Vista, higher resolution CG, some fix on the CG and so on. I never play the game before so i don't know how it look like, but from the CG, it seem like not bad(I mean the drawing). It was a short OVA base on this game which only have 2 episode and air/released on 2006 - 2007. If you like to view all the CG, you can download at this link.

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