Thursday, February 5, 2009

[ERO] Dengeki Hime OCT 08

Long time didn't update, recently quite busy, I will become not too active in this few month I think, but won't be no update at all ;). Back to the topic, this is the Dengeki Hime OCT 2008 issue, I know it was out of date and now alrady 2009, but I recently only found this >.<". Dengeki Hime magazine contain a lot of eroge information, review and news, so it sure become NFSW, so view it at your own risk. Download via below links.

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Neo said...

Hi again! I love everything that you have in your blog!

I had a lot of time to read through all of it, and I compiled a list of all the links that I found broken or have parts that are broken.

MxE Dead Links:

Megami Magazine
[Eroge] PUSH magazine Nov 2007
Dengeki G's Magazine 2007 (later half on MxE gone)
[Eroge Game CG] GIFT
[HCG] 明日の君と逢うために -Till I Reach Your Tomorrow-
Animedia DEC 2007
Magazine: New Type DEC 2007
Megami DEC 2007
Push!! magazine JAN 2008
Push!! magazine FEB 2008
Dengeki G's JAN 2008
Newtype JAN 2008
Megami JAN 2008
Saimin Ryojouku Gakuen
Dengeki G's FEB 2008
Niiduma Onna Kyoushi
TECH GIAN magazine FEB 2008
Futago Reijou (H-Stuff/HCG Sets/FreeHentaiCG(dot)com folder)
Maria ~Tenshi no Kiss to Akuma no Hanayome~
Push!! APR 2008
Dengeki G's MAR 2008
Dengeki G's Festival Vol.12 (pt 5-6)
Osawagase! Kaitou Cure Flowne DL version
Tsukushite ageru no ni ! PLUS ((HCG) [PeasSoft] つくしてあげるのに!PLUS)
Ano Musume Wa H Na Shou Setsuka DL Version

(From December 2008 post [EROGE CG] September HCG (some))
Nurse shimai no yoru no gangu wa boku!
Mama Goto
Himemiko Sentsuki

(From December 2008 post [EROGE CG] September HCG (some others))
Kurukuru Fanatic (くるくるファナティック)
Tsuma Kai (妻買い ~ツマガイ~)
Kossu Kosu! Anata Konomi no Cosplay H Shite Ageru (こっすこす! ~あなた好みのコスプレHしてあげる~)

X Change Alternative2- Kimi no hitomi ni utsuru kimi-

Yea... I know that's a lot. This is just a favor to let you know what's good and what's not. I'm not expecting you to reupload them (but I would REALLY REALLY love it if you would reupload CG's from Dec. 2008 because they're hard to get right now).

I hope you will keep posting new stuff. Thanks for all the great uploads!

Note: One of the best ways to protect your links is to use jDownloader or even use

It's better than leaving your links wide open, because there's been a lot of link reporting going on. This place is definitely a favorite!

MxE said...

I saw ur comment, I know a lot of it already expired, but most of it the file already no exist in my PC lol (just search through my PC, found nothing T_T), sry :(.

If you want DEC 2008 CG, I think i can help, i go search 1st ;).

Neo said...

Thanks a lot, MxE. If it's doesn't exist anymore, I won't fret. I'm just glad that you're willing to help. :)

(BTW, thanks a bunch for the new CG's!)

Neo said...

"If you want DEC 2008 CG, I think i can help, i go search 1st ;)."

I definitely want them :) If you can help, please do xD Thanks again!

MxE said...

Actually if you want DEC 08 HCG fast, you can go here to download. Today I just found the HCG DEC 08 torrent, so still need sometime(quite long) to download it, total 9GB+ >.<"...

MxE said...

sorry forget to include the link ;).

Neo said...

Thanks a lot, MxE. I can do torrent

MxE said...

np, important is share resource ;).