Thursday, December 25, 2008

[EROGE CG] Ryoujoku Hitoduma Club

More eroge CG, this was the Ryoujoku Hitoduma Club (凌辱人妻倶楽部), another september released eroge. No comment on this, NSFW content so view it at your own risk. You can download this via below link. Visit here for more. Special note, previous few update the link got problem so it is not working anymore T_T.

Download Links:
Part1 (MEGAUPLOAD, MEGAROTIC (NSFW site), Sendspace)
Part2 (MEGAROTIC (NSFW site), Sendspace)
Part3 (MEGAROTIC (NSFW site), Sendspace)
Part4 (MEGAROTIC (NSFW site), Sendspace)

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