Thursday, November 20, 2008

[ERO] Dengeki Hime July 08

Quite long time did not found any magazine, recently quite hard to search it, at least for me. Need to search wider range I guess. For now, some of this magazine might consider out of date, but if you havent read it, I guess it will be ok. Above was the Dengeki Hime July 08 issue cover, the girl look cute, but I do not know who is she. The magazine itself contain a lot eroge news, review and etc, so it is heavily NFSW, and view it at your own risk. Go to here for the magazine.


Blood1984 said...

The girl on the first page is from タユタマ -kiss on my deity- game (Getchu's link:

Thanks for your upload anyway!

M.Ero said...

thx for the info :).