Sunday, May 18, 2008


This is the CG from the eroge D.C.P.K(Da Capo Poker), I'm sure most of the eroge lover know D.C. game, develop by Circus. D.C.P.K is consider a fan disc to me >.<". It also feature some character from D.C. and D.C. II if Im not wrong(I love Otome and Yume the most). The game itself release on 29th Feb 08(1st press limited) and 28th March 08(normal edition). The pack contain event CG, background CG and character CG. I found it on this forums. If you wish to view it, either you can download from the torrent(in that forums) or you can go here.


Anonymous said...

Please stop using sendspace, the adverts don't let you go to the download page. Megaupload maybe?

ArkxkrA said...

erm, not the adverts don't let you download, just need to wait, or the download limit of the day is full, so wait another day. If the file not bigger than 100mb i usually will upload to mediafire, but some are bigger than that so i use sendspace. I don't use megaupload because the toolbar.