Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Magazine: Dengeki G's May 08

This is the cover of May 08 Dengeki G's magazine, cover is the main character from Little Buster!, Little Buster! EX version i going to released(I forget May or July, hopefully didnt wrong). The magazine itself have games news/reviews/advertising, anime related news and manga to read(like Little Buster!, Fortune Arterial and etc). If you want to view it, you can go to here or here(part1, part2).


Shuin said...

yet another good work dude, and the push! mag is good to I will download then ASAP :D

ps can you link my non-sense blog to your blog? well I have not decided what should I post to my blog but I will plan new ideas to it.

ArkxkrA said...


no problem :D, just give me ur link. it the blog "Shuin is a melon pan"?

Shuin said...

haha yeah, ^^ im not active recently due to playing valkyrie but soon i will finish it so i will came back active to laptop :D thanks dude.