Thursday, December 27, 2007

[Eroge Game CG] Oshiete! Yuiko Sensei [Ecchi] wo Oboeru Otona no Seikyouiku Lesson!!

This is the Oshiete! Yuiko Sensei [Ecchi] wo Oboeru Otona no Seikyouiku Lesson!!(おしえて!唯子先生 【エッチ】を覚える大人の性教育レッスン!!) eroge game. Loli character, so suitable for lolicon, but I view the CG pack already, it give me a surprise, this game even have sex education, really a lesson, I 1st time saw it at eroge game @.@", although it is eroge game, but if you understand Japanese, you can view the picture(education picture) in the CG pack too, because the education is in Japanese. The picture above is quite normal but inside the CG pack is quite H(it same go for the other eroge CG also), so view it at your own risk. But i guess this one have good reason to view it, since you can learn something. You can download it at the below link.



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